B.A.R.S. | Complete Accessory Package

BARS System - Build At Home Rail System
BARS System - Build At Home Rail System
http://buildathomeskateparks.com/skateboard-rail-system - The foundation of the Build A Rail System is the 8 foot long Flat BAR. It’s the perfect skate companion for any skill level. From your very first boardslide to preparing for a back noseblunt down a handrail, this thing will help you get there. It’s adjustable from 10” up to 15”, is really sturdy, and even splits in half with a normal skate tool to fit in your trunk or under your bed. Feeling adventurous? Put it down some stairs and watch the swivel feet adjust to keep it planted while you enjoy your own private handrail. If all this weren’t enough, check out all of the B.A.R.S. options and Build A Rail to your liking. Patent Pending


B.A.R.S. | Complete Accessory Package

Bar System Accessories - Full Set


Once you have your Flat BAR set up, its time to Build A Rail with any of these awesome accessories. This is the accessories package only. These are the items in RED in the above picture. This does not include a Flat BAR, you must purchase the Flat BAR separately to use these accessories.


This package includes all of the BARS Accesories:

  • T Bar
  • A-Frame
  • Pole Jam
  • Rainbow
Product Code: BARACCALL
Weight: 30 lb
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