B.A.R.S | Ride-On Rainbow Rail Extension


B.A.R.S | Ride-On Rainbow Rail Extension

Our best-seller aside from the Full Kit, the Ride-On Rainbow Rail comes with a curved arching rail that goes in between the Flat B.A.R. pieces, and two Pole Jam Plugs that bring the ends of the rail to the ground for full ride on action. From beginners who can’t Ollie and want to feel the grind, to high-speed slappy backside smith grinds up and over, the Ride-On Rainbow Rail is fun for everyone.

BONUS! Pull your B.A.R.S. Flatbar apart, rotate the pieces and insert the Pole Jam Plugs into the ends, and you have TWO Pole Jams to ride. One of the most enjoyable feelings on the board, a Pole Jam combines the feeling of a grind and the excitement of catching air. The journey starts on flat ground where the Pole Jam lays flush with the pavement, the rider glides right up and off of the Rail. Set both of them up one after another and create a line by combining tricks!

4 in 1 Vaule: With this kit added on to your Flat B.A.R. You can make 4 features: Ride on Rainbow Rail, 2 Pole Jams, Flat B.A.R.

*The Ride-On Rainbow Rail works with the Flat B.A.R. and does not include a Flat B.A.R.



Product Code: BARRAIN
Weight: 15 lb
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