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Custom Halfpipe for Zumiez 100K Build

February 9, 2016

CA RampWorks partners with Zumiez again, this time to build a custom halfpipe for their annual corporate sales party, Zumiez 100K. We were able to showcase our Build At Home 3.5′ Mini Ramp and use it to construct this custom ramp. The mini ramp was the feature attraction at the award ceremony party. Out of the hundreds of… Reads more »

Video – The Berrics at Zumiez Best Foot Forward

September 21, 2015

The good folks over at The Berrics have been on tour with the Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finalists for some time.  They caught up with some of the finalists at the culmination of their tour in Joshua Tree at the Best Foot Forward Finals, 2015.  Check out the video of how they liked the course… Reads more »

Zumiez Best Foot Forward Finals

September 16, 2015

Joshua Tree – California Part Burning Man, part Coachella, all skateboarding… The Zumiez Best Foot Forward event went down in the desert this weekend. The best AMs in skateboarding have been traveling the country, hitting spots and doing competition after competition looking to be seen as the best Amature Skateboarder in the country. It all… Reads more »

Kelvin Hoefler Wins AGAIN! Dew Tour Street Style 2015 Results

August 17, 2015

DEW TOUR STREET STYLE 2015 RESULTS Hot off of yesterday’s Street win, Kelvin Hoefler came out swinging during today’s Street Style contest and found himself on top of the podium for the second day in a row.  His powerful approach and high speed kickflip back lip down the handrail to end his run gave him the… Reads more »

Kelvin Hoefler Wins! Dew Tour Street Results

August 16, 2015

DEW TOUR – LOS ANGELES Kelvin Hoefler ripped his way past a heavy pack of shredders at the Dew Tour in Los Angeles.  An impressive consistency helped him dominate all three zones and leave the crowd at The Ace Hotel wanting more.  Louie Lopez and Shane O’Neill found their groove and skated themselves into second… Reads more »

Van Doren Invitational Bowl Build

July 31, 2015

VAN DOREN INVITATIONAL BOWL BUILD Watch how the CA RampWorks and CA Skateparks crews build the Van Doren Invitational Bowl from scratch in a week.    


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